Hi beautiful, welcome to BASE BUTTER!

For centuries, the beauty industry introduced women to beauty products that convinced them to cover up or alter their natural beauty. Those targets were often women of color who have had a history of being under-represented, overlooked, and told that they were the least desired. Historically, many of such products have also proven to be hazardous to our health. 

How is BASE BUTTER offering the solution? 



We believe that all women of color can be in control of their health and wellness once empowered to do so.

By providing women of color with access to quality products developed by and for them, building a community of likeminded women of color to collaborate, access & share knowledge, and creating and living by our own standards we can build a space where ALL women are empowered by their beauty.


To develop all natural skincare essentials that inspire women to discover, protect, and the love the beauty they were born with.


To build a space where all women are empowered by their beauty and have access to quality skincare essentials made with them in mind.




We launched a crowdfunding campaign this summer and broke down what we are all about in this video. Let us know what you think!